Hi, my name is Tom & I am a
Trainee Athlete Photographer

Since 2 years I am a Trainee at Swisscom where I get the chance to experience amazingly interesting and helpful projects which will lead me through my future.

About me

About me

Hello, I’m an IT-Trainee from Bern, Switzerland. I work at Swisscom and get to apply for many different projects. While working for about 6 months at such a project I learn a lot from experienced IT-specialists and get to build up a valuable network consisting of young and old people all interested in same or similar things like me.

In my freetime I love to do sport. I play soccer at the FC-Muri-Gümligen for 10 years now. Besides that I also like to take pictures on my vacations and, of course, keep evolving and learning new stuff regarding not only my job but also my dream, which is to be a pilot.


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